1920's Women in Colour - Beautiful

Not very often does one come across color imagery of women's fashion and dress looks from the 1920's, but the National Geographic Stock Online have some stunning color photographs for sale of late 1920s women from different parts of the world - all taken around the same time period.
Feast your eyes on these examples.

1920's woman in Oxford - 1928 - Clifford R Adams - National Geographic
Two young 1920s women - Belfast - 1928 - National Geographic - Clifford R Adams
1920s Flapper - National geographic- Neal P Davis
Two Flappers - Arizona - 1929 - National Geographic - Clifford r adams

Mexican woman - Brownsville Texas - National Geographic
Two 1920s women buying ice cream - Cornwall 1928 - National Geographic
Two german women - 1929 - Cologne - Wilhelm Tobien - National Geographic

1920s woman - Glouchester, mass - National Geographic
Women Archers - Austin Texas - 1928 - National Geographic

Woman - Isle of Wight - 1928 - National Geographic
Two 1920s women - Laredo Texas - Cliffors R Adams - National Geographic

 The last one is my favourtite - it's like a French master. And there's so much more over at National Geographic. Enjoy.
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