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Many thanks to Richard Jeffs of the Harold Baim Collection for giving us permission to feature a minute extract of the Michael Winner directed 1960's fashion feature Girls Girls Girls. The Baim Film collection really is a lost archive of 1950's and 1960's Britain and you can view some wonderful clips on the archive and even purchase DVD's. Highly recommended.

1960's Make-up Guide - Archive film tutorial - Baim Films

For the low-down on 1960s make-up, these 1960s girls are taken by Lucy Claton to the salon of a famous make-up organization. here the companys expert, a Mrs Riddle has the task of making sure that the girls go out looking better than when they came in ! This film was made in 1961, so the make-up techniques and style here are essentially of the 1950's. So studying a 1950's makeup guide would give you an accurate idea of the beauty looks of women in the early 1960's.

First thing is - to remove what make-up they have on.
For this a cleanser and sponge is used which also tones up the skin !

1960s makeup foundation.

This should blend with the natural skin color.
There are ways and ways to put on the base. The correct way - dab it on in spots and smooth in !

1960s makeup - Rouge

Rouge should be applied in three dots near the cheek bones, fairly high near the eye.

1960s makeup - eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows should be stippled on to the upper corners of the eye.

1960s makeup - Powder.

Powder is the one thing to use lavishly.Let it stay on for about five seconds. Then smooth it off.

1960s makeup tutorial - mascara.

Now the mascara. Its better put on in two thin coats than one heavy one.

1960s lipstick application technique.

To apply lipstick, teach yourself to use a brush !! If you can wait five minutes before blotting - then do.

Finally a light powder over with a compact.
Voila - the 1960s face !

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