Witches Glamour - Halloween Fashion from 1900 to 1960

Fashion ideas for the Modern Witch !

Witches have come a long way since Salem. As the 20th Century arrived, dressing up as a witch was becoming fashionable and even glamourous.This is an interesting photo timeline beginning with two amazingly gothic looking women from way back in 1900. Many of these images found from Sexy Witch , a blog dedicated to witches in film, art and fiction.Well worth a visit and extremely informative.

Witch Fashion 1900 

Witch Fashions 1912

Witch Fashions 1914

Witch Fashions 1926

Halloween Party Costume 1927

Witches Fashion  -1927

Hollywood Halloween - Clara Bow 1929

Halloween Glamour 1933 - Nancy Carroll

Witches Fashion -1938

 Wizard of Oz - 1939 - Margaret Hamilton

Glamour Witch 1940 - Anna Nagel

 Nail Gloss Witch - 1941

Glamour Witch 1942 - Ariel Heath

I married a witch -Veronica Lake 1942

Glamour Witch 1944 - Dusty Anderson

Glamour Witch -1947 -Ann Savage

Witches Glamour -Ava gardner 1946

Witches Glamour -Joyce Holden 1950

Witches Glamour -June Haver 1951

Ski Witches -1955

Bell Book and Candle -Kim Novak 1958

Bell Book and Candle -Kim Novak 1958

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