Get the Mad Men Look

Get the Mad Men Look !

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Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Peggy Olsen -  courtesy AMC
 Achieve the genuine 1950's and 1960's Make-up Look as actually taught to women of this era !
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Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson and Betty Draper are the style icons of this season. Played by Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones, whose character Betty started out in series one as a very mousy plain Jane these actresses under the guidance of show stylist Janie Bryant have begun to adorn walls of teenage girls all over the world.

Mad Men Stylist Janie Bryant - author of The Fashion File.

And now Janie Bryant [ above ]  has published a unique book called The Fashion File which will help women nail the look.
"Retro underwear is the key to getting the perfect silhouette" , according to Bryant."I love a longline bra because it totally smoothes the back and it's seamless. It's quite a piece of engineering."
Getting the right foundation garments is the only way to pull off the figure hugging, sultry secretary shape.

Betty Draper and ciggie - courtesy AMC

Peggy Olsen - courtesy AMC

According to show star Christina Hendricks " The first day I put on the retro undergarments and I was walking around the office like boom, boom, boom. I've always had a bit of a walk -- this girl's got
hips -- but on the show it's exaggerated."

 Joan Holloway in 'that' killer dress - image courtesy AMC

In Bryants " The Fashion File", she gives advice to ensure that a woman's clothes convey her personality, covering everything from where to find gorgeous  vintage clothing and accessories and how to pair
those authentic garments  with modern shoes and jeans etc .Learn how to find their perfect bra size, use color to convey a mood and so on.

Some style icons in late 1950's and early 1960's fashion.

Tippi Hedrin - 1962

Grace kelly with Audrey Hepburn

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