Vintage Swimwear - Daring 1950s Bikinis on Film


Just to augment our earlier post on Vintage swimwear - Be a retro bathing beauty, we present an interestng
archive film from the 1950s displaying the new daring Two Piece swimsuit styles of the era. Corsetted swimwear was all the rage in this decade which helped women achieve an hourglass figure - the dream look for the 1950s.Boned support in the bra section with special tummy flattener panels. The result was a very pretty sillhouette, even for someone who had unfortunate bulges - as all real women have !

1950s swimwear design

The apron cut from the 1940s remained the swimwear of choice, but moved further up the thigh, very feminine, though still modest by todays standards.

1950s one piece and two piece swimsuits

The one piece swimsuit is no less popular today than it was in the 1950s, feminine, but not revealing too much.
The apron cut was the normal look, but the bust now had removable straps - a Claire Mc Cardell innovation - so girls could get a full tan on their shoulders. This helped when slipping on that evening frock - no unsightly strap lines ! Two piece suits, which designers like Claire mccardell helped popularise, were becoming more fashionable, but still not very common. The belly button was always hidden, either way.

Apron cut strapless swimsuits of the 1950s

Playsuits and playdresses were always present in that 1950s beach bag, which were nothing more than colourful long shirt like cardigans, which were short enough to keep the legs exposed.

1950s Swimsuit Brands - Jantzen

Jantzen was still the leading name in the 1950s when you were shopping for swimwear, and was once again a household name in women's fashion magazines following Elisabeth Taylors stunning appearance in A Place n the Sun, in which she wore that famous coral white swimsuit. Here she is in a publicity shot from the film wearing a white pique beach dress over a coral Jantzen swimsuit.

Courtesy Jantzen
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