Flapper Beauty Contest

The Great Flapper Beauty Contest of 1922
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Courtesy of Old Magazine Articles -

Girls, here's good news for you! How would you like to get a hundred dollars - just for being a flapper?
Also a chance to move to Hollywood and become an actress star !
Provided you are more of a flapper than any of the entrants in THE FLAPPER BEAUTY CONTEST !

You don't have to be beautiful to be a flapper, and if you're not a flapper, you wouldn't be considered beautiful !
The thing is - you must be a flapper.


Well, thats hard to tell. A Chicago beauty column recently listed her characteristics as follows:

1. Hairstyle - Bobbed
2. Make-up - powder and rouge on face - use of lip stick
3. Face - plucked eyebrows
4. Dress - low cut sleeveless bodice, absence of corset, little underclothing, often only a teddy bear, high skirts and roll your own stockings.

If you're friends think you're a flapper, chances are - you are !

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