Kitchen Glamour - The 1950's Retro Housewife

The Retro Kitchen of THE FUTURE !!

This 1950's glamourized vision of a kitchen of the future, might look a little dated now, but back then, anything that was plastic or chrome metal, was considered cutting edge!
Of course this film depicts the fantasy kitchen, as envisioned at the time - funny how we've all gone " old world "  again, now that the future is here ! .In the actual 1950's kitchen of the period, popular colors were pastel shades like pink, aqua and turquoise in tiling, walls, curtains.Tupper wear was everywhere of course - plastic again !

Typical kitchen clothing style of the 1950's
The Modern Retro Housewife

Joanne Massey  in her 1950's style kitchen , from the British  TV series Timewarp Wives is 35. She  works as a graphics application designer. Her kitchen is in the English rose style, with metal units - all very hip in 1950's Britain.

1950's Retro Couple

Dandie and Brian from Bike and Birds , glam it up for a 1950's theme Halloween Party.

There is however something really heartwarming and nostalgic about the 1950's kitchen. Perhaps it was the optimistic outlook folks had about the future.

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