The Helena Rubinstein 1940's Makeup Guide


The Helena Rubinstein 1940's Makeup Guide

1940's Makeup for Blonde hair

For blonde hair, Shades of fuschia and gold colors. And for the soft spoken effect. depend upon the discreet muted blue greens

1940's Makeup guide for Medium Brown Hair

Your very own colors with medium brown hair are glorious sunset shades. Your most arresting colors are the glamourous reddish- orchid hues. Your day-in, day out favourites - gentle blues.

1940's Makeup tips for Redheads

Redheads most personal colors are the tints, glints, shades of your hair - from apple blossom pink to warm rose. Your most effective tones are the exciting purplish blues. For the color you just feel is yours - the spirited greenish blues. Your most delicately beautiful hues - the complacent Chinese Greens.

1940's Makeup for Brunettes

For brunettes, your own vibrant coloring makes the enchanting american beauty hues your most harmonious shades. Your electrifying colors are the dramatic life blues. Your easiest tones are the cool tropical greens. For a quiet, reposed effect - burnished gold - the color becomes the the background.You are the exclamation point !

1940's Makeup styles for Silver Grey hair

Your own colors are the natural highlights you see in your lovely silver hair - soft purples and mauves. Create your most dramatic effects in rich Cardinal reds. You'll be wonderfully at home in soft pistaccio greens. Create an interesting effect with the clever use of muted aqua - the soft spoken color is of amazing impact.

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