The 1920's Silhouette

The 1920's Silhouette

The Womans body shape saved by Hollywood !

The 1920's began with the disappearance of the female silhouette altogether ! Womenswear became more mannish, waist was gone, bust was gone, shoulders were broader and hair much shorter. The silhouette emphasised a flat chest and any womanly curves were eliminated as the line became more simplified. The infamous Symington Side Lacer became briefly popular, and certainly was a godsend to the lesbian community.In effect, this was a bra that could be laced at both sides and in to flatten a womans chest. The aim was to look boyish. Corsets gave way to Latex girdles and cami-bockers - directoire knickers with a chemise - among young women during the Roaring Twenties.
One could hardly party in boned corsetry, unless you were courting a visit to the local hospital !

1920's Lingerie
1920's Lingerie

Early 1920's Silhouette

Early 1920's silhouette

After a determined attempt in the early 1920's by designers to discard the need for a bust at all, the continued appearance of breasts on women necessitated bringing back the brassiere and dress designs for a more shapely figure. The top image of Fay Lanphier from the 1926 film [ also starring Louise Brooks ]
The American Venus, gives a good idea of how Hollywood undeniably helped rescue the female shape from the more austere post war European movement.

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