1920's Fashion Comeback !


The 1920's look - L'officiel Echo de la mode 1928.

Drew Barrymore at the premier of Grey Gardens

Angelina Jolie in The Changeling

Flapper Fashion on the catwalk

1920's Fashion Comeback ! 
Vintage 1920's style is on the way back again !
Loose-fitting dresses embellished with loads of fringing and beading are beginning to regularly pop up in fashion shows. Art Deco shows and 1920's themed partys seem to never go out of vogue. Hollywood is in love with the era again with films as diverse as The Changeling and Peter Jacksons King Kong emulating the late twenties early thirties period.

 House of Elliot

Constant re-runs of hit TV show House of Elliot [ which oozed 1920's fashion from every scene] demonstrate that folks are nostalgic for more glamourous days.

See 1920's Fashion - Women's dress and Style

And finally a compilation of real 1920's womens fashion on our YouTube channel.

1920's Fashion - Women's Dress and Style

And even in the 1950's they were searching for inspiration from the 1920's as this Pathe Newsreel shows.


1920's Fashion Comeback !

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