1930's Fashion - Dress Style

A Gallery of Fashion Detail from 1937

A typical couture detail of 1930's vintage fashion

1. Be fashion wise - sequin flower, high neckline, slim sleeve, sweater-type bodice

2. Tea dancing pump: street- length skirt : Chanel bracelet.

3.Your figure will be outlined like a dressmaker's dummy in this tubelike tunic.

4. You'll see many variations of this Molyneux bandaged waistline, as with soutache.

5. Accents of Persian lamb on your coat - small collar, pockets.

6. Velvet beret, the profile type, jutting up and forward - this is a hat that is easy to wear!

7. The soft hat with side height for wear with many kinds of costumes - with no age limit.

8. A Hat with a plume; a string of golden hearts to wind around your wrist - for tea dancing.

9. Persian muff and fez, for your new black coat that has no fur !

Gallery of Fashion Detail - by Ruth Mary Packard / Copyright Glamourdaze 2010

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